6th Annual Vince Canning Shoes Stiletto Race Official Rules & Regulations


Vince Canning Shoes


Registrants must be 18 years of age or older at the time of entry and be a resident of the United States.


On January 26th, 2018 Vince Canning Shoes will host the 6th Annual Stiletto Race (hereinafter, the “Race”), with registration proceeds going to the Achievement Centers for Children and Families, (hereinafter, the “Charity”). The Race will be held in downtown Delray Beach. All participants must fully adhere to all of the registration and participation restrictions as outlined in this full official rules document or otherwise outlined and disseminated by the Race. Registration fee is $25 per person. The racer is encouraged to obtain additional donations from friends, family and colleagues to benefit the Achievement Centers for Children and Families (donations can be made online) and to bring their personal cheering section to the Race.


Registration can be completed in advance of the Race day, either online or in person, at Vince Canning Shoes at 335 E. Atlantic Avenue Delray Beach. To register online, visit www.DelrayStilettoRace.com and follow the directions on the registration page. Download the liability waiver form and either email, mail or bring to the race. Registration can be completed in person at Vince Canning Shoes, at 335 E. Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach, during normal store business hours. If the registration is completed at Vince Canning Shoes please submit all forms, along with the registration fee. Cash, check or Visa, Mastercard, or American Express is accepted. Registration fees are considered tax-deductible donations and are not refundable. Registration will also be held at the Race beginning at 5:30 pm. Check-in is required by 6:00 pm. Valid, legal, government issued, photo identification is required at registration. If you have not pre-registered you must be at the Race site no later than 6:00 pm. Race time is 6:30 pm.


All participants must be registered at the Race site by 6:00 pm Race day. No refunds will be made. A hard copy of the Participation Agreement, Liability Release and Assumption of Risk document must be signed and on file at the registration desk before you will be allowed to participate. You must be at least 18 years old to enter the Race. Registration will take place in Downtown Delray Beach. As determined at the sole discretion of the Race coordinators and based upon the number of qualified registrants who attend the Race, registrants may be required to qualify for participation in the final sprint by participating in qualifying heats. Qualifying times for placement will be determined after qualifying heats are conducted. Entrants may run in only one qualifying heat.

The qualifying heats for participation and positioning in the Stiletto Race Final Sprint will begin at 6:30 pm. Individual participant race line-up will be confirmed during registration the day of the Race.

Shoe requirements and restrictions are as follows:

1) Minimum heel height of three (3) inches, with a maximum heel circumference of four (4) inches.

2) No wedges are permitted.

3) No backless shoes are permitted. Shoes must have either a solid back or a strap back or something similar.

4) No part of the shoe can extend above the ankle.

5) No boots, or booties, or shooties (ankle boots).

6) No taping or otherwise adhering shoes to your feet.

7) Shoe cannot be modified or altered from its original and intended design in any way.

8) Participants are permitted to wear socks.

9) Both heels must be intact at the start of each qualifying heat and final sprint race.

10) At least one heel must be intact as racer crosses the finish line.

Shoes will be checked by race officials after final heat. Anyone whose shoes do not meet the requirements may still race, but they may not win any of the prizes. Race officials’ decisions are final. All winners’ shoes will be checked at the finish line to verify eligibility.


The top racers from the qualifying heats, as determined at the sole discretion of the Race coordinators, will race in the Final Sprint. Registrants who qualify for the Final Sprint will be placed according to their qualifying heat finish time by race officials. Race officials have the final say in any and all matters regarding placement, spacing and positioning. Race officials and organizers, in their sole discretion, have the absolute right to disqualify and/or remove any Race attendee that displays unsportsmanlike behavior. Race officials’ decisions are final.


The declaration of prize winnings and any subsequent payment of Government taxes, if any, are the sole responsibility of the winners. Sponsor at its sole discretion may substitute prizes of equal or greater value.


In addition to the requirements set forth in the Participation Agreement, Liability release and Assumption of Risk agreement entered into by the parties on the Race date, the participants further agree that by participating, participants agree to be bound by these official rules and the decisions of the Race, its judges and its designated Race coordinators, the Race administrator and/or any of the aforementioned parties’ designated representatives, which shall be final in all respects. By participating in the Race, and if applicable, accepting any prize that may be won, participants agree to release the Sponsor and the Charity from any and all actions, claims, injury, loss or damage arising in any manner, directly or indirectly, from participation in the Race and/or acceptance of use of any prize. All participants will race at their own risk. Participants authorize the Released Parties to use their name, voice, likeness, biographical data, city of residence and any materials submitted or collected as part of the Race in programming or promotional material, in any media, in perpetuity on and in connection with Vince Canning Shoes and/or the Achievement Centers for Children and Families and in all forms of media, now known and hereafter devised, in perpetuity without compensation, or on a winner’s list, if applicable, without further compensation unless prohibited by law. Participants acknowledge that Race related materials and appearances may be included and/or discussed in a broadcast, that such discussion may include statements or opinions by the broadcast talent or others about the participants, the participants’ appearances and/or the materials, and that those statements and opinions may be considered surprising, humiliating, embarrassing, derogatory, defamatory or otherwise offensive or injurious to them, Race’s employees, its studio or at-home audience and/or other third parties. Participants release the Releasees from any actions, claims, injury, loss or damage allegedly caused, directly or indirectly, by any such statements or opinions made during a broadcast. Race is not obligated to use any of the above mentioned information or materials, but may do so and may edit such information or materials, at Race’s sole discretion, without further obligation or compensation. To participate and/or claim any prize: participants must sign and submit the Registration form, the Participation Agreement, Liability Release and Assumption of Risk form, and the $25 Registration fee.


Race/Sponsor reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to remove any individual who tampers with the Race, the registration for the race or any other element that may in any way effect the administration, fairness and/or execution of the Race and to cancel, terminate, modify and/or suspend the Race in the event of tampering or other circumstances, including but not limited to acts of God or civil disturbance that render it impractical or impossible to complete the Race as originally planned. The Race will take place rain or shine. If there is risk of severe inclement weather of other major occurrence the Race will be postponed or canceled at the discretion of the Race staff. While the Race will be held rain or shine, your participation in the Race will always be at your sole discretion. In the rare event that a cancellation or postponement occurs, registration donations will not be refunded. Participants and winners may be mentioned on air, at Vince Canning Shoes and may be posted on Facebook. The Race will be run in accordance with these rules, subject to amendment by Canning Shoes, Inc. d/b/a Vince Canning Shoes. Registrants must comply with these rules, and will be deemed to have received and understood the rules by registering for the Race. The terms of this Race, as set out in these rules, are not subject to amendment or counter-offer, except as set out herein.